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Household Waste Permits - receive through the post

If you have an available printer you can print your own permit by using our other eService "Household Waste Permits - print your own".

You need a permit to deposit your household waste at South Tyneside's Recycling Village if you use :

- a van

- a pick up

- or tow a trailer

Any vehicle with a gross weight in excess of 3.5 tonnes, trailers longer than 3 metres, or vans with a height exceeding 8’2” (2.5 metres), will not be permitted access to the site for Health and Safety reasons. Please note that the gates close at 5.55pm (5.45pm for vans) to allow the site to be cleared before 6pm.

Car users will be unaffected by this scheme.

Permits will only be issued to South Tyneside residents.

A single permit is required per site visit, although you may request up to 3 permits per application. Permits are valid for a 28 day period starting from the date you specify.

Hazardous household electronic waste such as fridges, TVs, and PC monitors are accepted at the Recycling Village. However chemical wastes such as asbestos, creosote and other chemicals should be taken to the Middlefields Waste Transfer Station to be disposed of responsibly. Please call 0191 427 7000 for advice.

Fly tipping of rubbish is illegal. It carries a maximum penalty of £20,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment.

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