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School Admissions - Accept or Decline the Offer of a School Place (Secondary)

Use this form if you have been asked to either accept or decline the offer of a secondary school place for September 2019, at the following schools, as indicated in your online offer or offer letter:

- Boldon School

- Harton Academy

- Jarrow School

- Mortimer Community College

- St Joseph’s Catholic Academy

- St Wilfrids RC College

This form must be submitted by 4.30pm Friday 15th March 2019 at the latest. Failure to meet this deadline could seriously jeopardise the chances of you securing a place for your child at your preferred school. If you have any queries please contact the School Admissions Team on 0191 424 7706 / 424 7767. If your child has been offered a place at Whitburn C of E Academy you will be contacted by letter to explain the process to follow. If your child has been offered a place at a school not listed above, there is no further action to take. Please note that in order to accept a school place, you must have received an offer of a school place via your email account or by letter. All acceptances that are submitted are checked and verified by the School Admissions Team.

Items you will need to complete this form

  1. The formal offer of a school place for your child from the School Admissions Team. This will either be an online offer or offer letter.

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