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Private hire vehicle licence

To apply for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence you must have a suitable 4 door vehicle. We will not normally license 2 or 3 door vehicles. London Type Taxi vehicles are not approved for Private Hire use.

When you send your application you will need to produce your current driving licence, the vehicle registration document and the appropriate licence fee. We will make arrangements to test and inspect the vehicle and before a licence is issued you will need to provide a certificate of insurance covering private hire use. This insurance cover can be expensive and you may wish to make some enquiries before going ahead with your application. Licences are issued for 6 months if the vehicle is less than 7 years old or 4 months if the vehicle is older.

Before you make an application please read the Conditions of Licence and Code of Practice sent out with the application pack. If you would like us to send you an application pack please fill in the following form.

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