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Online council services and payments

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Allotment rent payment
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Benefits - Change of Circumstances
Benefits - Discretionary Housing Payment
Bins: Request a new bin
Building inspection fees payment
Bulky waste collection
Business rates (N.N.D.R) payment
Business Rates (NNDR) Change in Circumstances.
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Caravan site fees payment
Club helper payment
Commercial Premises Application
Council invoice payment
Council Tax – Change of Address
Council Tax - Change to Due Date
Council Tax Discount/Reduction Application.
Council tax payment
Council Tax Refund
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Damage to street furniture payment
Day care payment
Disabled Parking Bay Application
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Footpath Defect
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Grounds rent payment
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Home care payment
Home insurance payment
Housing benefit repayment
Housing rent payment
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Leasehold management payment
Litter - Fine for leaving litter
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Mayor's Charity Donation
Mortgage payment
MOT / car repairs payment
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Parking fines - Pay a Charge Certificate
Parking Permit - Foreshore (seafront)
Parking Permit - South Shields Town Centre
Pay a parking fine or penalty charge notice (PCN)
Payments for fixed penalty notices for leaving litter
Personal care alarm payment
Pitch fees payment
Premises hire payment
Premises rent payment
Printing payment
Public Rights of Way - General Enquiry
Public Spaces Protection Order - Fixed Penalty Notice payment
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Repairs To Premises Recharges Payment
Residential care payment
Road maintenance payment
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Salary repayment
Scaffold - Hoarding Licence Applications
Security alarm payment
Skate Park Complaint or Comment
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Telecare and community alarm
Trade waste payment
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Waste baling payment
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